We are well aware of the rising cost of lost production therefore our goal is to shorten your down-time and increase the life of your refractory by providing highly-skilled craftsman who take pride in their quality workmanship therefore giving you proper installations the first time.

Williams Refractory Services Inc. provides major shutdown maintenance as well as emergency maintenance or repairs for Cement, Power, and Ethanol Plants throughout the Midwest. We can provide small repairs to complete relines on rotary kilns, firing hoods, preheaters, or any other refractory lined vessels. We offer a variety of monolithic material linings such as; Shotcrete, Gunite, Castable, Brick etc.. We also demo and cast burner pipes here in our shop.

We offer a wide range of services in the following industries:

Ethanol - Power - Cement / Lime - Chemical - Boiler Repair - Crematories

Including :

Demo & Install
Form & Pour
Quality Control Inspecting
Pre-Job Planning ( For quicker turnaround )
Post-Job Follow-up ( To insure 100% satisfaction )
Weld small plate jobs
Pre-cast Shapes
Purchase and installation of ramps
Repair and maintenance of Gunite machines


We have a fleet of several Brokk tear out machines from the Brokk 90 to the Brokk 250

Our Brokk 150 is versatile enough to tear out in a kiln up to 14 ft. in diameter and will work in almost any cooler

Shotcrete Pump & Mixer

Shotcrete is a quick way to place a high volume of material with the closest properties to form and pour.

Our Reed Castable pump is capable of pumping to the top of preheat tower or all the way down through the cooler.

Gunite Machine

Gunite machines move a wide variety of granular material by compressing air at various rates through a hose that can be hand-held

The complete gunning system consists of Gunite machine, water supply, air supply, and material supply

Brick Rig

We own various sizes of Brick rigs and have access to all sizes if needed.

We also sell Brick rigs and parts

  • Line-O-Meter ( To measure depth of brick to give total thickness of kiln )
  • Laser Radialign machine (Turning rings & Installing retainer rings )
  • We can assist you with a purchase of a Brick Rig or repair and maintenance of an existing one